Why memes should be in your marketing plan

Let’s face it, we have all laughed and potentially shared a humorous photo or video meme on Facebook. Memes can seem pretty silly, but they are actually much more than what you may think. According to Wikipedia memes are an idea or behavior that spread between people within a culture. Supplementing memes into your content marketing strategy can be a great benefit. Here are the reasons why you should start using memes today!

1. Rapidly consumable

People like memes; it couldn’t be any simpler. People understand them, they connect with them and most memes can be quite humorous. This is great for relating with an audience and creating very sharable content that can be rapidly consumed to generate a social ripple to broaden your digital reach.

2. Extremely effective type of post

 Images produce much higher interaction percentages on Facebook—which is one of the top social media platforms. Since
s usually are images, they can be highly effective in the battleground of social engagement. Just because they are goofy, doesn’t mean they can’t translate to reaching the audience and delivering a desired message.

3. Allow connection with target market

When marketing within certain industries memes can be a great tool for targeting specific audiences. Having fun content that relates to people’s field can make a great impression for your company. You can even encourage your audience to create and submit their own memes, which helps develop channels of communication between your company and the customer.

4. Help with company transparency

Memes can be made using pictures of current staff or company related things. This is a great way to break down corporate barriers and make your company seem much more transparent and personable! People like transparency because it makes a company seem more human and relatable, which in turn builds trust as well as brand loyalty.

5. Allow a company to be trendy

Being trendy is important and memes can help with this. If a popular meme comes out, jump on board the train and ride it with the masses, it will make your company seem more down to earth and be extremely sharable for the time period. However, don’t ride the meme too long or it could seem rather lame after awhile.

The bottom line is that within your marketing plan, you need to include fun ways to connect with your audience. Memes are a great for doing this, so start creating, posting and sharing memes today!

Have you tried using memes?

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