Case Studies – Marketing Through Stories

For businesses, it can sometimes be difficult to advertise your products, and especially services, in a way that makes your offerings exciting and enticing. People can sometimes have difficulties interpreting how a company’s product attributes may or may not ultimately solve their needs. Through the use of case studies, businesses can create actual stories about how their products and services have been used to solve a particular problem, all in a way that’s both interesting and relatable. Here are tips on how to write the best case studies for your company’s offerings.


Stories offer a structure that’s familiar, easy to follow and easy for people to relate to in any situation. Structure your case studies just as if you were telling a full story with a beginning, middle and end. Make sure to:

  1. Explain the main problem or issue at the beginning to set the theme
  2. Introduce your company and the product/service that solved the problem
  3. Describe how you overcame the challenge with your solution
  4. Explain the outcome and give your case study a happy ending


Include as many relevant details about the situation as you can. Details not only help to explain the story much more effectively, but they also lend credibility to your company and the solutions that you provide. Make sure to outline the problem, resolution and even the client served as it shows specifically how your product or service was used in a real-life application to solve a real-life problem.


Adding quotes to any case study is an easy way to make the story more credible and detailed while encompassing an outside viewpoint on how your company’s offerings have performed. When incorporating quotes, make sure that the quotes highlight at least one aspect about the solution versus a generic quote.

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