Boost Blog Posts: Four Tips to Find Blog Topics

B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than those that do not according to the software company InsideView. It’s important to have a blog to increase the reach of your content, inform your audiences, drive more traffic to your website and ultimately sell more products and services. Although the benefits may be obvious, what’s not always apparent is how to choose topics and write blogs that will resonate with your audience and hook them into coming back. Here are tips on how to choose blog topics to ensure the performance of future blogs.

Monitor Influencers on Social Channels

One of the easiest and timely ways to find quality blog topics is to research articles and social media channels that are performing well for the big brands as well as industry leaders. Closely monitor their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels that they are active on to identify their most engaging content. You may be surprised to find that some of the most engaging content isn’t centered on products and services.

Communicate With Your Audience

Whether your business’s industry is broad in the people that they serve or very specific, sometimes the best blog topics can come directly from your social media communities. Ask your followers what they would like to read about or know more about. You can also look for posts that have received comments and directly ask your engaging followers what they would like to read.

Utilize Analytics

Many top social media platforms offer their own set of analytics that lets you analyze posts, engagement, reach and many other factors. These insights are often very valuable in that they directly tell you which posts have received the most engagement. Are they photo posts, text posts, posts with specific keywords or even a specific theme? The Analytics will help you determine what performs the best in which you can then create a blog topic about it.

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Be Creative

Sometimes the best blog topics are simply creative and fun. Think outside the box and look for ideas that you normally wouldn’t blog about. Although you should overextend yourself with creating new content extensively, take a blog or two to be creative with and then track it through analytics. Who knows, you may even create a piece of content that goes viral!

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