Stellar Blue’s 10 Favorite Things This Summer!

Besides being involved in community events, we have been working hard on our Analytics Tools, website creation, and we won’t forget to mention posting humor to our Pinterest account. Over the weekend we wrapped up the final days of summer and moved into Fall, but we wanted to recap our top 10 highlights from Summer 2013.

1) At Stellar Blue we love implementing bold imagery into our website designs. Look at Tennis Jewelry’s new website with bold imagery.  

2)  We are Proud Sponsors.  We were proud sponsors again for two large community, summer events:  Mile of Music Festival and   Quarry Quest.  These are great events held in the Fox Cities and are just two of many non-profits we have the privilege of sponsoring.

3)  Our Hands-On Workshopswe are the experts creating experts. We love helping business succeed and we feel the tools offered in our workshops allow businesses the opportunity to generate leads and become experts in areas they never thought possible.

4)  Stellar Analytics Tool which can come with analytical consulting where a Stellar Blue team member can help you understand your powerful website results; something that other products don’t offer.  Your business needs to understand what your website is doing; Stellar Analytics lays it out for you so everyone will get the picture.

5)  Bagels and Brains Summer Social. At Stellar Blue, we hosted our first Bagels and Brains Social where we highlighted marketing trends for the year and networked with local business professionals. If you missed our last social, make sure to sign-up for our next Bagels and Brains social on November 14th from 7:30am to 9:00am at the Stellar Studio. The event is free! Register with the promo code: BB1114 

6)  Running Contests on Facebook.  This year we completed two contests to increase “likes” on our Facebook page.  Click here to dive deeper into our keyword contest.  See how we made this contest a success!

Since then, Facebook has updated its contest rules. Are you aware of the changes? Click here to learn more.

7)  Creating Mobile Apps for companies, our team of very talented programmers have created mobile apps for various companies.  Imagine the possibilities, we help you bring unique app ideas to light.

8)  Posting marketing humor to our Pinterest Account. Take a look here.

9)  Our Customers, we value our customers and appreciate all the wonderful feedback, testimonials, and word-of-mouth.  Without them Stellar Blue wouldn’t be “Stellar”.  We enjoy working with various industries and appreciate challenges of all kinds.  Thank you to our customers for believing in us.  We look forward to continuing our relationship and helping companies succeed on the web and beyond.

10) Our Newsletter, we take pride in our newsletter and think it is a great resource for businesses.  Sign-up for our newsletter here. Recent topics include: The Importance of Mobile and Back to School Learning Tools.


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