LinkedIn Introduces University Pages

For many future college students, transitioning from a high school student to a college student can be a rough experience. LinkedIn is looking to use their vast network to make this transition a much smoother experience with the announcement of University Pages.  University Pages is another great step in LinkedIn expanding their brand, and also a great tool to help students who are looking for the right college of choice.

What is University Pages?

University Pages will be a new type of page that allows colleges across the world an avenue to showcase why their University is a great fit for perspective college students.  The goal is to create an avenue for students who are choosing their college of choice to interact with alumni, current students, and staff to find out more about the college, and to help guide them in their path of finding their college. Due to these new pages, LinkedIn is allowing users as young as 14 to sign up for LinkedIn so they can start their search early

What this means for the User?

This new feature will be a great tool for future college students. Getting information about a specific college can sometimes be time consuming, and finding the right people to talk to can take even more time. This tool will make finding that information simple and efficient. Networking is such an important part of a college education, and allowing high school students to start early is a great opportunity for those looking to get an edge in the acceptance process.

What it means for LinkedIn?

This is an excellent move by LinkedIn in terms of expanding their brand.  Universities have been using Facebook and Twitter to interact with current and future students for a long time, while LinkedIn always seemed like the perfect fit for this type of networking. Expanding to a younger audience is a great move by LinkedIn as well. These users will be on LinkedIn at an early age, and will continue to use the site as they progress through their professional career. The key for LinkedIn will be keeping the younger base active, as Facebook and Twitter is currently dominating that age demographic.

At Stellar Blue we’re excited to see where this takes off! While the initial features that LinkedIn will be providing with University Pages are great, we feel that there will be more great features on the way!  What are your thoughts on this new feature? Leave a comment and let us know!

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