Become a LinkedIn Pro: Tips to Boost Your Company’s Social Presence

LinkedIn has traditionally been a platform for people to make connections with one another and for companies to post their hiring positions along with occasional content. Although we may think of Facebook and Twitter as the main social media channels to publish content and brand updates, LinkedIn has been evolving as a powerful platform for companies to boost their content marketing efforts. Here are eight tips to help you improve and advance your company’s LinkedIn strategy.


Create a Company Page – This may be obvious, but we often first turn to Facebook and Twitter when it comes to social media. LinkedIn pages increase your overall presence and connects you to your audience, all on a professional business network.

Join Groups to Promote Your Brand – Groups allow people to join other individuals who are passionate about the same topics that they are. By joining groups relating to your brand’s industry, you can really target specific audiences to effectively expand the reach and sharing of content.

Join Discussions in LinkedIn Groups – LinkedIn Groups are a great way for people within related industries and regions to ask questions, post discussion topics and engage in conversations. Over time you can become an expert within a group, network with other professionals and amicably debate topics all while boosting your brand.

Engage Employees via Email – LinkedIn is a person-to-person network, so it works best when people interact with one another as individuals. Email your employees with concise, relevant and interesting content that they can easily share via LinkedIn.

Utilize Product and Service Pages – Within LinkedIn company pages are product and services pages that allow businesses to provide detailed information on their core products and services. You can boost content by providing detailed product images, highlight customer recommendations and more.

Utilize Status Updates – Because of its professional nature, LinkedIn is the best place for businesses to publish authoritative content and establish themselves as industry leaders. Concentrate on publishing rich, quality content versus publishing the first article that you find.

Measure Engagement – With its recent incorporation of analytics, LinkedIn allows you view impressions, clicks, interactions, engagement and followers acquired from individual posts. This allows businesses to identify engaging content and content that doesn’t resonate with their audiences.

Update Your LinkedIn Status Versus Facebook – LinkedIn doesn’t have as many users as Facebook, but those who use it tend to be very involved in the platform. By posting to LinkedIn first, business can really push company products, events and more to those who will engage in it.

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