Facebook Revamps Their Insights

Here at Stellar Blue, we love analytics! Analytics allow individuals to find out great information that can help improve the experience of the customer. So when we found out that Facebook Insights was getting a facelift, we were pretty excited! Facebook announced their plans to change their Insights in June, and have slowly been rolling out the revamped tool over the past month.  In today’s blog post, we’ll be going over some of the new changes, and how they can help your organization grow!

Look and Feel

The first change you’ll see is the visual makeover the Insights have gotten. Everything is more compact and smoother looking, allowing for more information to be shown. They’ve also made navigating around insights a lot easier by breaking down the information into four main sections : Overview, Page, Posts, and People.  These four main sections also have subsections under them, and navigating through these is just as easy.  The graphs and images also look a lot smoother and crisper and much more professional.


The “Overview” tab is nice little summary of some of your general stats. It showcases how your Facebook Likes are growing, how well your posts performed in reach compared to last week, how you engaged users compared to last week, and how your five most recent Facebook posts have performed. If you’re looking for a quick snippet of information that you want others in your organization to see, this will give you the rundown.

Insights Overview



The “Page” tab has three sub tabs within it: Page Likes, Post Reach, and Page Visits. Page likes breaks down how your page is growing in likes, and the graphs are a huge improvement compared to the old Facebook insights. The post reach tab breaks down how well your posts are doing in terms of reaching users. The graphs in this section allow you to filter reach by paid and organic, as well as some other great options. It also shows you if users are hiding your posts on their News Feed. If you see a trend with certain posts getting hidden, you’ll want to adapt your posting strategies. They’ve also added a Page Visits tab so you can see how often users are coming to your page, and each specific tab that you have on your page.


The “Post” tab might be our favorite tab at Stellar Blue. Facebook did an amazing job of giving you some great information here. The “ When Your Fans Are Online” sub-tab allows you to see the time and day of the week your users saw your post. This is an amazing function that will allow you to pinpoint what time of the day is best for posting content.  The “Best Post Types” sub-tab breaks down how each type of post is doing in terms of reach and engagement.  If you see one type is performing much better compared to another, you can focus more on that specific type of post in your Facebook Campaign.

“Best Posts Type” Sub-Tab


The “People” tab breaks down who is viewing your Page, and features some great demographics information.  You’ll be able to see how certain age groups perform compared to others. This tab is great for finding out if you are succeeding at getting the attention of your target audience, and if not, give you some valuable information on how to achieve that.


Facebook’s new changes to Insights is a great opportunity for marketers. There’s a lot of new information to be found, and companies will want to make sure they know how to effectively use Insights to their advantage.

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