This Just In: Facebook Contest Rules Have Changed!

It seems that before it was so much work to run any type of Facebook contest. You had to follow numerous guidelines or run it through a third-party app. Well, we’re here to tell you your life has just been made easy! That’s right, marketers and brands can rejoice, knowing that Facebook has updated their contest rules, allowing individuals to run promotions or contests WITHOUT a third-party app! You’ve heard it right without the app.

Brands can now run contests, sweepstakes, drawings, competitions, or any type of facebook contest guidelinespromotion they want right on their company page. To be more specific brands can use their pages to:

  • Collect information for entries via fans and non-fans posting on their page wall.
  • Collect information for entries via users commenting or liking a page post.
  • Collect information for entries via users messaging the page.
  • Brands can use likes as a voting mechanism.

For example, brands can ask users to submit the name of a new product for the chance to win a prize. There is one thing however that brands are not allowed to do, and that is to ask people to tag themselves in content they are not actually in. This one simple rule seems small in comparison to the original rules that brand pages had to follow.

The change in contest rules has opened up a huge opportunity for brands. This will help them increase engagement on their Facebook page and ultimately be able to use it for more of a promotional channel than just the typical Facebook post updates. To learn more about the Facebook contest rule changes, visit Facebook’s promotion guidelines page.

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