Spruce Up Your E-Commerce Website: 5 Design Elements to Maximize Sales

Did you know, according to the leading ecommerce statistics website KISSmetrics, that an updated design on an ecommerce website can increase conversions up to 33%? It’s something that we may not avidly think about, but website design elements are constantly evolving leading to outdated content and designs. This issue can become especially problematic for ecommerce websites who need to retain their current customers while attracting new customers.

Here are five straightforward changes that you can make to your ecommerce website without creating a new site or breaking the bank.

Create a Large Feature Area

Featuring large images on your website’s homepage is an excellent way to announce sales and new product arrivals in a way that engages customers from the get-go. Images capture the attention of customers more than text while also incurring more returning customers who may prefer the featured area versus product pages. Even if your website isn’t strictly for ecommerce, the featured area can be a place to announce blogs, events and company updates along with rich images.

Incorporate Mobile-Friendly Technology

Between desktop displays, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, there is a plethora of screen sizes and screen resolutions that your website needs to cater to. Although a mobile website can be created specifically for mobile users, content will still have to be updated on your mobile and desktop sites individually so that both storefronts are consistent. With the incorporation of a responsive web design, you can solve the issue by having one website that adjusts to fit the screen size of the device that it is being viewed on without any loss of information.

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Maintain a Clean Layout

Some pages on your website may benefit from textured designs and images, but they should be avoided when it comes to your product pages. When a customer comes to your product pages, all they want to see are the product images, prices and descriptions. Solid colors and white space should be utilized for a clean look of your product pages while eliminating any annoying clutter.

Use Engaging Product Images

When setting images for products, consider showing the product being used or the product in its natural setting as it lends customers a better idea on how they would personally use the product. After you select your images, pre-scale them to their display resolution to minimize loading times. Remember to implement a uniform product photo size for a clean, consistent look on product pages.

Enhance Cart Icons

Cart icons are not only a tool for customers to purchase products, but they are also a call-to-action on your website to direct customers to the final step of making a purchase. Update cart icons to include at-a-glance information for the number of products in a cart as well as the final price.

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