Bagels & Brains Recap

Stellar Blue’s first ever Bagels & Brains Summer Social event was a hit. This free event started out with great networking, an array of bagels and coffee for everyone to enjoy, and some great marketing ideas shared.  Some of the major points that were discussed are listed below:

Retargeting:  What is it? Click here to see what Retargeting is.   Why it is worth it? Retargeting is worth trying because once a person clicks within a page of your site and they leave, they will continue to see ads about your website, or product.  This could benefit each industry differently.  Trial and error with ads as well as the amount you spend per day to use on retargeting can be changed to see its effectiveness.  If you want Stellar Blue to help you with retargeting please email us at [email protected].

Analytics:  The benefits of understanding where your traffic is coming from.  How often should you check analytics? This topic was thrown out and there are no specific days to check analytics.  It depends on the amount of people you have dedicated to analyzing analytics and the time your company has allocated for it.  From weekly to monthly, analytics should be reevaluated.  This will help your company understand who is coming to your site and from where, especially if you decide to use retargeting ads.  Besides Google Analytics, Stellar Blue provides an analytics service that is much easier to use and understand.  Check out Stellar Analytics here.

Social Media:  Are you effectively using your social media?

  • From blogging to various social media outlets, quality over quantity!
  • 70-20-10 content rule was mentioned = 70% Business Related,  20% Brand Building, 10% Testing
  • Don’t create a social media account or a blog to just have an account.  Make sure these elements are updated, blogging at a minimum of 1 to 2 times per month.
  • Use social media and your blog to talk about industry trends, things that will be a benefit to your consumer.  Be willing to give a little to get customer loyalty with these outlets.
  • We have a content marketing workshop coming up that will cover how to create content and why it is king! Click here to see what the content marketing workshop is all about.

Facebook Insights:  Updates have been made to Facebook insights. We discussed our favorite things about it. Click here to go to the blog all about the new features of Facebook insights.

These were just a few things talked about at this event. Below are some images from the day.  We truly appreciate everyone who attended.  Stay tuned for the next Bagel & Brains event.

Everyone was given a Stellar Blue Folder

Amanda spoke to the attendees about Marketing Tips and Tricks

Attendees netwoked with others

Attendees received a handout about the topics that were discussed, and took notes during the event

A final group photo, some of the attendees of the first ever Bagels & Brains Summer Social

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