Social Media Weekend Update!

Social Media networks are constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up to date on all the changes that are taking place. In today’s Stellar blog, the Stellar Blue crew brings you up to date on the biggest news and changes that are going on in social media! Let’s take a look to see what happened this week!

Facebook removes text restrictions on Facebook Page’s Cover Photos

This news was a big deal for businesses who have been wanting to be more aggressive with their marketing on Facebook. The old rule was that you had to have no more than 20% of the cover photo be text. This section under Facebook’s guidelines was removed on Monday, opening up the door for more leeway for marketers. The old rule was very vague, and it was hard to distinguish what exactly 20% of a cover photo was.  Although the rule was removed, you still have to tread lightly. Having too many words can be a bad thing, as potential customers might be put off by the image and not retain the information that you want. It will be interesting to see how some brands handle the new rule change!

Twitter Announces new translation tool

With news breaking around the world on a constant basis, Twitter has now decided to unveil the “Translate Now” function on their site. Powered by Bing, “Translate Now” will take any tweets, and translate them to the twitter user’s native language. The decision to start pushing this tool came about as a way of spreading international news at a faster rate.  As of now, the tool is only being used for Egyptian diplomats as a means of staying up to date on the turmoil in Egypt. Users should expect the Translate Now option to expand as more time passes but nothing has been confirmed as of now!

Vine struggles with launch of Instagram video option

It’s been just over two weeks since Instagram launched its new video sharing tool, and in those two weeks, Vine has taken a serious hit. On June 19th, the day before Instagram’s video tool came out, Vine had over 2.5 million shares, but then dropped over a million shares as soon as Instagram was launched the next day. While it is definitely too early to panic for Vine, as many users may have been trying out the new tool, they in the least have to be a little nervous. To combat these poor numbers, Vine showed off some new features in their latest update for iOS. Users will now be able to “revine” other user’s videos. The revine option allows users to share videos  as if they were retweeting a tweet. They’ve also revamped the camera, introducing new features that will allow for further customization of videos. The battle between these two heavy weights will be an interesting one. The big question is can both video sharing tools co-exist with each other or will one knock the other out?

Social Media is an important part of marketing today. To find out how your company can better take advantage of these great tools be sure to come to one of Stellar Blue’s workshops! On July 9th we’ll be going over how to effectively use Twitter to reach your target audience. Register Here!

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