Use Testimonials to Your Advantage

Build your businesses reputation by tactically placing testimonials at key customer decision-making moments on your website and other touch points.

How Can Client Testimonials Help Businesses?
Builds trust for customers.  Reading testimonials that match the business build customer confidence.  You are what you say you are. 

How should businesses use client testimonials?
Testimonials are a powerful tool if used to your advantage.  Stellar Blue recently has tried to place  testimonials in different places besides our website such as social media cover photos, status updates, as well incorporating them into blog posts.  Thinking outside the box so these great resources can be seen.

More recently, our website redesign projects have included revolving testimonials.  This is another great way to place testimonials on a website besides a “testimonial” page.  Click here to see the revolving testimonials for Flex Staff Inc.

What is the key to a good testimonial?
A testimonial that stands out describes the benefit the customer received from the product.  As well it is relatable; the person reading the testimonial should be able to relate to the person who wrote the testimonial.  The testimonial comes from someone who is credible, a picture is great to have, but the person’s title will give credibility as well.  Lastly, the best testimonials are those that set you apart from other companies.  Why did they like your product over someone else’s or why does your product stand out?

Below is a great testimonial taken from our website that we received from a recent client, AIA Corporation, after a complete website redesign.  This testimonial outlines specific things the customer thought we did well, and then emphasizes what we did for their company, “made them feel like the star of the show.”

‘Stellar’ Is The Best Word To Describe Them 
“A website is more than navigation and written content, and while Stellar Blue understands the ins and outs of both, they go far beyond the basics to give each and every website a unique identity.  From the initial consultation to the creative process, the staff listened to our needs, became extremely familiar with who we are, and translated that into a phenomenal website. The technical process was broken down for my less than tech savvy mind and the website’s launch went as smoothly as possible.

Throughout the entire process the Stellar crew was on its toes, ensuring that all questions were answered, any issues were fixed almost immediately, and that we were happy with the results. ‘Stellar’ is the best word to describe them, and while they are working behind the scenes, they will make you and your company feel like the star of the show.”

Testimonial from Carol Moore
Corporate Marketing Coordinator, AIA Corporation

To see AIA’s Website click here

Want to see more testimonials about Stellar Blue?  Go to our testimonial page here!  If you’re interested in letting Stellar Blue create a new website that showcases your testimonials, please contact us at

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