Real-Time Marketing for Social Media

“Inbound practices produce 54% more leads than traditional outbound practices,” according to the Explore B2B’s website. This simple, yet powerful, statistic shows the importance that inbound marketing has on creating relationships with customers and ultimately making a sale. Real-time marketing is one facet of inbound marketing that allows companies to engage directly with customers and create long-term relationships.

What is Real-Time Marketing?

Real-time marketing is a simple and yet powerful concept – it’s engaging with customers on-the-fly at the right place at the right time via social media, blogs and other communication channels. It can be anything from a company replying to a customer’s comment on a company Facebook page to a brand launching an advertising campaign moments after a significant event. To get acquainted with the best practices for real-time marketing, below are some tips applying real-time marketing strategies to social media to get you started.

Real-Time Marketing Tips

Get your team on the same page – Depending on the size of your company, you may have multiple people managing your social media accounts or one person managing them all. Set a team schedule to dictate who’s posting to what social media channels, when they post and even times to briefly analyze post’s engagement. This will streamline your team and reduce redundancies with posting and replying.

Identify your brand’s communities – Before beginning to utilize real-time marketing, take the time to research your audience as to create messages that will really stick with them. Facebook company page insights allow you to analyze your audience by looking at demographic data such as age, location and gender. Viewing profiles of your fans can also help you determine the interests of your followers.

Track your social channels closely – Look for trends, patterns and habits on your social channels such as times when posts facilitate the most engagement. Those insights will help you not only determine the best times to post for engagement but also the best times to watch social channels to engage with customers. Free software such as Hootsuite can also help with tracking social channels as they aggregate all social media activity into one system.

Stay consistent – By utilizing real-time marketing practices on your social channels, you are also influencing the perception of your brand to customers. Consistent messages, comment replies and other communications help to establish a consistent brand for your company that seems familiar and relatable to your customers.

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