QRiket – The app that is Making QR Codes Fun!

In our blog post Exploring Quick Response (QR) Codes we talked about how QR codes are a great way to get people to come to a destination on print media. Today, we’re talking about the app  QRiket. QRiket not only uses QR codes for that purpose, but gives you a fun added incentive!

What is QRiket

QRiket is a mobile app, (currently on iOS), that allows you to earn cash every time you scan a QR code of any kind. Every time you scan a QR code, you have a random chance of winning small cash prizes, usually in the range from .05 to .20 cents, although sometimes you can earn more. The more you scan, them more chances you have to win.

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How it works

In order to use the QRiket app to earn money, you’ll have to set up an account through the app, and have a PayPal account so that when you do earn money, you can deposit your winnings.  Once you’ve set up your account you’ll be brought to the QRiket hub, which shares a lot of similarities with Twitter’s mobile design. There are two main ways to scan QRodes. The first, is scanning your own codes that you find on your own. When you scan these codes, it takes you to the website from the QR code, and notifies you if you are an instant winner! The second option is to rescan QRcodes. In order to rescan, you’ll need some help. You find QRcodes to rescan from your newsfeed, which works a lot like a Twitter Feed. This feed is comprised of those who you follow, so the more people you follow, the more opportunities there are to rescan codes! Each day you are given “magic wands” which allow you to spin for small increments of money.  The overall format definitely favors those who are persistent in scanning the codes! They’ve also given users the ability to donate their winnings to charity. As of today, QRiket has given away over 1 million dollars in prizes!

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The Benefits for Businesses

While QRiket is still growing, it’s already starting to breathe some much needed new life into QRcodes. QRiket gives incentive to customers to scan QR codes, and opens up the door for more engagement between a business and a user.  How engaged the user becomes is up to the business. Bounce rates for website visits tend to be exceedingly high, due to the nature of the app. Users want to scan codes to get cash, and will rarely stay on the site unless something catches their eye.  We could see companies that target younger audiences doing well with QRiket, as the small increments of cash earned makes sense for those with less spending cash. But B2B businesses shouldn’t put too much effort in drawing this crowd yet.

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Scan Me!!!

While it’s too early to say that companies should be implementing mobile marketing strategies strictly for QRiket, if QRiket and its user base grows, marketers might want to start considering it. This is a company that you’ll want to keep an eye on. The following isn’t big enough yet, but the concept itself is one that could attract a lot of users, and open up another opportunity for marketers to reach new customers.

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