Mobile Advertising: Leveraging Apps to Your Advantage

“Mobile cost per engagement is 90% lower than that of a desktop PC,” according to the mobile app marketing platform Fiksu. This statistic points out the growing importance on mobile as an effective means to advertise to consumers in comparison to traditional desktop PC advertising. Here’s statistics showing why you should be utilizing mobile marketing within your strategy along with recommendations on how to begin to implement it.

Statistics on the Use of Mobile (Fiksu)

  • 82% of smartphone users say they couldn’t go a day without apps
  • 87% of a consumer’s time on a mobile device is spent in apps
  • On average, adults check their cell phones 150 times per day
  • The average person has 41 apps on their phone using them anywhere from 50 minutes to over an hour per day
  • 87% of adults pick up their smartphone within 15 minutes of waking up

Implementing Mobile Advertising

It’s easy to see that the use of mobile phones by users is a consistent priority that’s integrated into our daily lives. As mobile consumers routinely use their phones and download apps, in which many apps have free versions with advertisements, they expose themselves to targeted communications. For companies, this means that the reach and repetition of targeted messages is much more effective than desktop PCs. To start implementing mobile advertising within your strategy, we recommend the following:

  1. Take action now! Mobile advertising costs are low now, but they will continue to increase in price as they become more widely used.
  2. Identify and track only what matters to your business. Isolate only the most important metrics, such as purchases or downloads, and base your mobile advertising strategy around them.
  3. Continue to analyze metrics and optimize your advertisements based off of key findings. Make changes according to your findings or consider split testing advertisements to identify the most effective strategy.

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