How to Manage Your Social Media Content as a Small Business Owner

It has been said that the first step in building your brand is leveraging the power of social media. With social media having a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing, according to the State of Inbound Marketing, small businesses would be wise to follow this direction. The trouble with small businesses being able to lead with this first step, is most don’t know how to manage their social media to leverage its power successfully.

Here are some ways for you as a small business owner, to manage your social media:social media for small business

Define your target audience: You always want to start with doing some research. Who are the types of consumers that your brand connects with and what social media channels are most popular with them? It’s important to not just sign up for all of the social media channels to be well rounded, but to sign up for the ones that are actually going to be successful for your brand in creating leads and communicating with your audience.

Research which types of content work well with each social media platform: Once you have your target audience defined, and know which social media channels you will be utilizing, do some research on the content that is most likely to be shared, liked, tweeted, etc. Each social media platform has content that does well and content that shouldn’t be posted on it. They also each have ways in which posts should look.

Utilize a Social Media Management Software: Social media management software allows you to manage all of your social media channels in one location. You can schedule posts, view analytics, and determine which content being posted does better. Some social media management software to check out is Sprout Social and Hootsuite.

Attend social media workshops: By attending local workshops on social media marketing, your knowledge will increase. Overall your brand and consumers will benefit, because you will become a more effective communicator for them, ultimately generating more sales for you. Workshops can also teach you things that you might not have had time to learn on your own. Stellar Blue offers workshops each month on social media marketing, check out our list of workshops or register here today!

Generate social media posting guidelines within your company: Make sure everyone is on the same page who is posting on your social media channels. You want to have some consistency as to when you post, how many times you post, the structure of your posts, etc.

Social media can be the marketing empire for a business, but it can come crashing down with just one bad post. Allow Stellar Blue to share their knowledge with you on social media marketing and how your brand can benefit from it!

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