Vine is Now Available to Android Users, Opening a Large Opportunity for Marketers!

On Monday, June 3, Twitter launched the Vine app for Android devices, which previously could only be used by owners of Apple products. Being the number one free downloaded app in the iOS app store, Vine already boasts a whopping amount of 13 million users, according to Twitter. You take the large number of Android users and mix it with its already 13 million Apple users and the opportunities of using Vine for marketing your business could be endless!

With Vine being newer to the marketing game, and due to its large audience, you want to make sure that you are branding your business effectively, as we know you have that one chance to really catch your consumer’s eye. Here are some tips on how to utilize Vine for your business:

  • Start with a plan. Vine videos are only 6 seconds long, but it is in that 6 seconds you have to capture your consumer’s attention!
  • Animate your images. Vine allows for simple animation on a mobile device.
  • Tell a story, but keep it short. Sometimes keeping a story shorter, but previewing the most emotion enticing parts of it, engage consumers more than something that is longer.
  • Include your consumers in the Vine making process. Allow your consumers to feel part of your brand. Run a contest, seeing who can create the best Vine video or a Vine video of a consumer using your product.
  • Focus on the visual elements that represent your brand.
  • Vine videos can be uploaded to Twitter, so make sure to include this in your marketing strategy and relate the two.

You may need help in getting started with Vine. This video from CNET will give you some guidance.

Businesses can utilize Vine in a variety of ways from previewing new products, to giving inside looks into their business, to contests, the list goes on and on really, but like any marketing campaign, it is always important to plan before you start. So make sure to have a strategy in place before you start creating your Vine videos.

For more information on how Vine could be utilized for your business, or how to create a strategy for Vine marketing, contact a Stellar Blue representative today and we would be happy to help!

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