The 3 B's of Milwaukee WordCamp 2013

Bikes. Bees. Bacon – Not the typical setting for a technology convention. However, that’s exactly what was found at Milwaukee’s WordCamp 2013.

WordCamps are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress experts. There are all forms of people who come to collaborate: designers, front-end developers, core developers, and users alike. It’s a great place to improve all aspects of WordPress knowledge.

The theme this year was Harley Davidson, this explains the first B. There was a motorcycle in the lobby that was decked out with WordPress decals. They even had a photo-booth set up so you could get a postcard of yourself on the bike!

This year’s Milwaukee WordCamp was held at Bucketworks, a collaborative working/learning facility. This location is the source of the second B. On the second floor porch there are thousands of bees (nobody got stung). You can even taste-test and purchase fresh honey.

While the bikes and bees provided nice distractions between presentations, the information presented was the true focus of WordCamp 2013.

The presentations ranged from Search Engine Optimization to User Experience to Design and Development. There wasn’t a topic left uncovered. While there were many different topics covered, two main points stood out through almost every presentation: ease of use and advanced customization.

Ease of Use – WordPress offers many different ways that allow you to easily maintain and update your website. Use an advanced WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to update text, images, and video easily. Effortlessly upload and manage images, pdf’s, and documents. It also allows for editing in virtually any location of your site.

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Advanced Customization – Static sites are slipping into the past, while richly featured, functional websites are rising to the forefront. Add a blog. Add social media sharing icons to your blog. Insert a gallery. Create forms. These are just some of the functional pieces that can be added to your site and completely customizable by you. Not only can great features like these be added to WordPress, but it’s set up for complete customization. This means Responsive Design (Read more about responsive design here). With the great surge of mobile phones and mobile technology, it’s important for websites be optimized for all forms of mobile devices. WordPress is very conducive to this mobile trend in its ability to be developed for mobile devices.

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While this is not everything that was covered at WordCamp 2013, it’s essentially the highlights of a very information packed day/weekend.

Bacon? We can’t forget about the 3rd B can we? We were all shocked to find that due to leftover funds for the event, they decided to get a bacon bar. That’s right, a bacon bar. They purchased several giant platters of bacon and opened it up to everyone. Free Bacon!

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