Pinterest's Recent Changes Improve Look and Feel

As one of the fastest growing sites on the internet, you would think that Pinterest could take the time to relax and be satisfied with how they are doing. Instead, Pinterest continues to revamp their social media site, creating improvement upon improvement to help make their customer experience a more enjoyable one!  Trying to keep up with these changes can be daunting, but the Stellar Blue Crew has you covered as we go over some of the noteworthy changes that have happened within the past few months!

“Just My Pins”

The newest change for Pinterest happened just this Tuesday, and while not a huge change, it made navigating your own Pinterest page a whole lot easier. What “Just My Pin” does is allow users to filter their search function to look for pins that your page pinned.  For companies who have hundreds, even thousands of pins, the task of looking for an old pin can be daunting and time consuming. This new function will be saving social media gurus many headaches as the process of finding those old pins just got easier.

“Just My Pins” Feature


New Layout

In March, Pinterest made some visual changes that really enhance the experience of the user. Although the change wasn’t a complete revamp, it was obvious enough for people to appreciate them. First off, they increased the size of their pins, which made a lot of sense due to the nature of their site. Pinterest is based on visuals, and allowing for bigger pins allows their users to have more leeway when it comes to the quality of pins that they are posting. They also introduced the “people who pinned this also pinned” function which allows you to see related pins that people are pinning. This is a great addition as it allows users even more opportunity to get lost in the world that is Pinterest, and better connects the user with the pins they want to see.  Visually, the site also looked more crisp and clean and allowed for quick navigation around the site.

Pinterest’s “People who pinned this also pinned” Feature

Pinterest Analytics

 In our previous blog post “Pinterest Launches Analytics – Finally!” we talked how adding analytics really opened up Pinterest for businesses, but it was such a big addition that it deserves a second look! Ever since Pinterest was created, users have been clamoring for a way to track how their pins are doing. There were many third party sites that businesses were using to find out how each pin was doing, but the release of Pinterest’s own analytics made the process easy and efficient.  You could now see what pins were getting the most clicks and repins all on one hub.  This addition was Pinterest’s way of telling companies that they were committed to working with businesses to help them get the information they needed.


We here at Stellar Blue are excited about the future of Pinterest, and look forward to even more changes as Pinterest continues to evolve. One thing is certain, Pinterest will continue to change as they see fit, and if it’s anything like their previous changes, pinners around the world will be very happy!

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