Instagram Video – What Does this Mean for your Business?

Exciting news, Instagram now has 15 second editable videos with sound.  It is as easy as holding down the record button, then adding the 1 of 13 tones to the video and let the viewing begin.

What does that mean for your business?  Create an inexpensive (time is what it takes, Instagram is free) video of your product, your process, or your company.

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If you’re a business and are just starting an account and don’t have followers on Instagram,  start following people which they may in turn follow you. Besides posting these videos to your Instagram account, you are able to share these video on other Social Media accounts (Facebook, Google+, etc.)

So you may be asking, why should I use Instagram video and how.  Watch the video below to see how easy it is to create Instagram videos.  As well practice makes perfect.  You may not get it right on the first take, but it is definitely worth trying out.

Stellar Blue’s Multimedia Assistant Liz Bladorn is an avid user of Instagram and after the launch last week she thought everyone would be recording video, but that was not the case in her Instagram feed.  “Adding something so new to a great product already,”  Liz says “will take time for people to catch on and get comfortable taking video of things they were so use to capturing in a moment.”

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If this is something you think could benefit your company, start making videos. Get people excited about the fun things your company can create with video on Instagram and be the hype and industry leader on this platform.  If done well you don’t know where this will take your company. Watch this video to get your creativity flowing! Listed below are some ideas for businesses to create video on Instagram:

Restaurant:  Take clips of different dishes, smiling wait-staff, and welcoming atmosphere
Café: Take fun clips of lattes being made into art
Real Estate: Shoot fun clips of exteriors and interiors of homes
Business in General: Include fun testimonials, people working, any sort of welcoming atmosphere, clips of the fun things your company creates

If you would like to do more visual marketing we welcome you to  attend our hands-on workshop: Getting Visual with YouTube on July 30th, 2013, a great opportunity to create a YouTube video using your portable devices.  Click here to register.

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