Gamification: Make Inbound Marketing Fun

Inbound marketing is important to drive viable leads and to ultimately create loyal customers with long-term relationships. Content is created to entice users to engage with your marketing messages in which they will hopefully perform desirable actions such as exploring your products/services or even drive them to the point of a purchase.  The difficult part of inbound marketing is cutting through the clutter of content that seems to flood the web. Gamification may be the answer in engaging users without them even knowing.

What is gamification?

According to, gamification is, “the use of game mechanics and game design techniques in non-game contexts.” For marketers, this means using game-like features within content to encourage user engagement or other desirable actions. Rewards systems, virtual currency and even small games themselves placed within content are all considered forms of gamification. These elements work to make what would otherwise be static content much more fun and engaging to users. Although creating small games within content may be difficult, simpler forms of gamification can easily be implemented with excellent results.

gamification elements

Ways to Begin Incorporating Gamification

Rewards Programs – People like receiving free stuff. Rewards programs are a great way to encourage repeat purchases by customers with the incentive that they will get something in return after a certain amount of purchases.

Countdowns – Countdowns for online sales and promotions lend a fun element of urgency in which customers want to “win” the sale before it ends.

Competition – Giving customers an incentive to compete for a large prize works well for engagement. Leaderboards, artistic participant badges and other fun elements can make for a successful contest.

Progress Bars – Whether on a website or app, progress bars are an exciting way to show customers how close they are to getting the next reward item or how close they are to completing an application for a service.

Set Goals and Measure/Track

Like any content, it works best to have set goals which can be measured and tracked. By setting specific goals, it highlights where gamification can best be used or not used. If your website is having trouble with people completing an application, you can set a goal to improve the number of applications completed in which a progress bar could be implemented. This goal can then be tracked after implementing the progress bar to see if it is effective or not.

To incorporate website animation or other interactive forms of gamification within your website, contact a Stellar Blue representative today! 

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