#NewFacebookFeatures, Facebook is Adopting the Hashtag

The familiar hashtag, that has been a popular way to view larger discussions about a certain topic on Twitter, or become part of that discussion, has become Facebook’s new project.  Facebook is slowly rolling out the hashtag feature to its users, and within the next couple of weeks, most everyone should be able to start using the hashtag when posting content.

With the numerous amounts of posting that happens on Facebook every day, Facebook needed a way to classify these conversations, thus connecting people with similar interests even when they are not in one’s network of friends. After all, Facebook is a social media tool and what better way to be social, than to talk to someone or view content that you are actually interested in! For this reason brands can rejoice! What was already a popular tool to market their business, has just become even more powerful.

Not every brand has the budget for Facebook ads, which can ultimately boost likes for your page or leads through segmentation. By implementing the hashtag feature, Facebook has allowed businesses with a small budget to reach their target audience without having to pay. Now brands can utilize Facebook to link to consumers who are interested in their products.  For example, if your brand sells shoes, when posting content about your upcoming sale, included in your post you would hashtag shoes, looking like this #shoes. This post can then be found by anyone who is looking for conversations or content about shoes, thus increasing the reach of that post.  The video located below, by WSJ Digital Network, explains more about Facebook joining the hashtag revolution.

 The hashtag feature for Facebook has huge potential and is one that every brand should be aware of as it rolls out to the public.

For more information on how to use hashtags to increase your marketing reach, contact a Stellar Blue representative today.  You can also view our workshop schedule for any upcoming workshops on Facebook or other popular digital marketing tools that drive consumers to your brand!

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