Stellar Keyword Contest Wrap-Up

Our Stellar Keyword Contest is over and it was a huge success! Not only did we have over 10 people who achieved more than 10 points in the contest, but the top two in points were separated by a mere 5 points, which made for a great finish!  Here’s a breakdown on how the contest worked from the planning steps to the end!


After our successful sweepstakes contest that we ran in January, we knew we wanted to try for a more engaging contest with our fans. Our first contest was about promoting our Workshops, so we wanted to take a different approach with our second contest. We did a lot of research to see what other companies were doing, and came up with the idea to run a contest based on specific keywords that could be placed in our content sources. We liked this idea the most because it gave us an opportunity to really showcase our blog and content and allow for our fans to really find out what Stellar Blue was about.

It was also very important for us to let people know about the contest ahead of time. We wanted to create that early spark, so we launched a teaser blog post to let people know the date, the prize, as well as hints of what the contest could entail.


Once we launched the contest, we also felt it was important for people to have an understanding on how the Rafflecopter Widget worked. When you’re doing something that is new to your followers, you want to make sure that it’s easy to understand so that there are no barriers for them entering. So we created the How-To-Rafflecopter blog post that walked each entrant through how to use the app, and made sure that there was no confusion.

We also adapted as the contest went on by introducing bonus questions and Refer-A-Friend to help give more opportunities to entrants who were looking to gain some ground on their competition. These facets of the contest are key, as they naturally create more engagement.  Throughout the process we were constantly keeping track of our analytics both on Facebook, as well as our website to see how our contest was doing.


Once the contest wrapped up on Friday, the first step was to calculate how the final standings shaped up. We were really excited to see the contest come down to the final few points! Our final standings looked like this!

As soon as we knew who had won the points, and had picked our random winners for the $20 gift cards, we contacted our winners to let them know!

Carol Ann Moore  – 1st Place- Kindle Fire HD 16 GB
Vicky Van Dehy – 2nd place -$100 Amazon Gift Card
Cathie Kissinger – Random Drawing Winner – $20 Amazon Gift Card
Rita Brantmeier – Random Drawing Winner – $20 Amazon Gift Card
Hanna Lea Lucy Moore – Random Drawing Winner – $20 Amazon Gift Card

We hope you all had as much fun as we did and we appreciate all the support our fans give us. Thank you all for participating!

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