Stellar Keyword Contest Week 4 Leaderboard

Without further ado, the Week 4 leaderboard! This week we’re covering the top 10 in points!

Week 4 Leaderboard

With only one week left, getting as many points will be crucial!  We’ve got a special announcement regarding points that will benefit everyone!. From today on, we will be asking a Bonus Question once a day that will be worth 5 points! The first person to answer each question correctly in the widget will receive all 5 points! This is a HUGE opportunity for those looking to make up some ground! Remember there is a prize for 2nd place as well, and every week you participate in the contest you’re automatically entered to win 1 of 3 $20 Amazon Gift Cards!

The Bonus Question for Today is

What was the name of our blog post on May 9th, 2012?

Don’t forget about Refer-A-Friend! You will receive 2 points for every person that you refer to the Stellar Keyword Contest! (Up to 5 refers) Simply have the person that you refer put in your FULL name in the “ Who Referred Me“ box.  (They can only do this once) They will also receive 2 points for putting down the name of the person that referred them as well. So both parties benefit.

Have questions on how our Keyword Contest works? Be sure to check out our Contest Blog for all the details on how the contest works, as well as the How-To-Guide to learn how to use the Rafflecopter Widget!

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