Using Twitter's Advertisement Tool to Reach A Bigger Audience!

In February’s blog post Expand Your Brand Awareness with Facebook Advertising, we talked about how you can use Facebook’s Ad system in order to help bring in more users to your page, as well as build awareness!  On Tuesday, Twitter announced that all users would now be allowed to use their advertisement system, so we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to go over the different options for Twitter!

Signing Up

The first step in getting access to ads involves signing up for them.  Twitter has a specific site just for businesses. By simply going to, you’ll be able to sign up for Twitter advertising by pressing the “Let’s Go” button at the top of the page. Once you press that link, you’ll be asked where you will advertising, as well as how much you normally spend on digital marketing.  If you don’t have a Twitter account, you’ll do that next, otherwise it will take you to the next step in the process.

Choosing Your Audience

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be asked the type of audience you’ll want to reach based on categories. These can range from sports, food, hobbies, books etc. You have countless options when it comes to what type of category. You can even choose celebrities that are on Twitter as a basis, and Twitter will find common categories that many of these followers enjoy. This is a great feature that will help you reach the right audience and make sure your advertising isn’t going to waste.

The Advertisement Options

Once you’ve chosen who you want to reach, the next question is, how do you reach them? The first option you can use is promoted tweets. These are tweets that you have already made or will make that will get listed on the twitter feeds of your target audience. They will be at the top of the page, and have a “promoted tweet” message next to them signifying that they were paid for.  This option is for letting users know about something special you have going on, and gaining that interaction.

The second option is  promoted accounts. Every time you log-into Twitter, they always list a few people you may be interested in following based on who you follow. Every once in a while, they will list a promoted account, which lines up with your interests.  The promoted accounts will again focus on users who fit into the categories that you’ve chosen. This option is for getting users to follow your account.

Example of a “Promoted Account”

How does the billing work?

Once you have selected the type of ad you want to run, it’s now time to determine how much you are willing to spend. Twitter advertising works a lot like Facebook’s system. There is no set price that a user has to pay to advertise, you simply choose a dollar amount that you consider is your max budget, and Twitter will advertise to individuals based on that budget. The bigger your Twitter budget is, the better placement of ads will be within your target market.  You are charged based on how many times that ad was clicked, or if they followed your account. This creates a really flexible plan that businesses of all sizes can use.

With so many users now using Twitter, this expansion to allowing everyone to use the advertisement features is a big one.  Marketers will have to keep a close eye on Twitter, especially since marketing is constantly changing, and it wouldn’t surprise us if Twitter added even more functionality to their advertisement system.

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