Your Consumers are Always on your Mind, But How do You Stay on the Minds of Your Consumers?

This question is one of many that every business owner would like an answer too.  Ideally, when a consumer visits your website, the hope is that it results in conversion.  In reality, this is not always the case.  According to Forrester research, the average conversion rate is 2.9%.  So how do you make sure that the next time your consumer is ready to make a purchase, whether it is a product or service, you are indeed the first brand that they think of? The answer is retargeting, also known as remarketing.

Retargeting is a form of online advertising that exposes your brand to consumers, even after they have left your website. Through a personalized tag placed into the footer of your site, a marketing list is created, by placing an anonymous cookie into one’s browser.  These marketing lists can be broad, to more specific, as to target users who have visited a specific page of your website.  This allows one to create more segmented ads.  For example, say you own a clothing store.  You create a marketing list based on all those who have visited the URL of the page showing jackets.  The ad then produced for this marketing list can be based on an upcoming sale you are having on jackets, as you know this is something that your consumer was already interested in.  This is why retargeting or remarketing becomes so effective.  Your consumers are seeing ads for products that they have sought out on their own.

There are many ways to start retargetingGoogle Adwords is one popular way to begin your campaign.  Google Adwords offers remarketing and the analytics to go with it.  Through Google’s Display Network, your ads get exposure on numerous websites.  Here is a video that gives you a little more information on remarketing and how to get set up on Google Adwords.

Stellar Blue is here to help you always stay connected with your consumers.  For more information on retargeting and how to utilize it for your business, contact a Stellar Blue representative today!


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