5 Things Social Media Does For Business

So you may have started using social media for your business or are about to and may be wondering what social media really does for business.

First off if you haven’t started using social media and  your wondering which applications to use, check and see what other businesses in your industry are using and doing with different social media platforms.  Then decide which is best for your company and make sure to follow through.  Once you start, continue to engage your audience on whichever platform you choose.

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If you have social platforms set-up and have left them dormant, come up with a plan of attack.  How often am I going to post to these sights weekly, monthly, etc., and follow through.

Finally if you are using social media outlets on a regular basis and just wondering how this is really affecting my business, below are a few things social media is doing for you.

(1) Promotions and Deals – Once you have a following it is really easy to post links or images of coupons for customers to print or access. You can post announcements such as blog posts, business updates, and events on Facebook.  Twitter makes it easy for people to share your news quickly. Let Stellar Blue help grow your Twitter presence.  Facebook also has applications like Sweepstakes, which makes it easy to conduct raffles and giveaways. Which we recently were able to do: take a look at the Stellar Keyword Contest.  Besides the contest itself we were able to engage with our audience and create a buzz about our company and the fun things we were giving away. It is a form of goodwill and a way for your company to be seen in a positive light.

(2) Expand Your Reach – You can send out fliers and magazines all you want, but social media remains one of the most effective ways to reach a large customer base. All ages are embracing social media, sure some more than others, but this is still such a useful tool.  If you need to expand your reach starting out, look at advertising on Facebook, you set the amount you want to spend so the investment is up to you.

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(3) Your Business as a Thought – When people scroll through the various social platforms and see your business icon, you have left an impression on them.  Regardless if they have chosen to actually read the post that you made.  You have still left an imprint on their minds somehow.  These imprints left on consumers’ minds are valuable for when they are thinking of a product to buy or referring a friend or colleague of a product to buy, and your brand is now at the top of their mind.  This return is not always seen instantly, but don’t you want to be a thought on your consumers mind?  Find out how Pinterest can increase revenue for your business.

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(4) Increased traffic to Web site – Using social media to reflect back to your website is a great way to increase web traffic.  This can be a very useful tool and at Stellar Blue we use our social media platforms to reflect back to our blog all the time.  This allows us to engage with our user and show them we are thought leaders in our industry. Want to create useful content on your blog, let Stellar Blue help.

(5) No News is Good News – Get people interested in your brand, likewise, if people have complaints, it can have a downward effect, unless you manage the feedback properly. For most small businesses however, the engagement is low, this is not a bad thing, as long as it isn’t negative engagement appreciate that one like , one share, or one positive comment.

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