Mobile Commerce: Make it Personal

Take the Extra Step and Personalize
As people are bombarded with content, emails and offerings throughout their day, how much of that content are they actually voluntarily consuming? Consider taking a different approach to pushing a large volume of content and instead personalize content for specific groups of customers. Personalization can over time create long lasting relationships with loyal customers. Let’s take a look at how personalization can be used in mobile commerce to turn tablet and smartphone users into returning customers.

Research Your Audience First!
How well you know your audience can have a significant bearing on how your company advertises and reaches specified audiences. A mobile customer may shop differently than an in store customer and therefore the two audiences should be treated differently. When do mobile customers shop? How are they using their mobile device to shop? What are mobile customers buying? These are the types of questions that will help you research and understand your mobile audience.

After your mobile audience is clearly defined, you can begin tailoring content to reach them. On areas to add personalization, consider:

Timing of Content
What time zones are your customers in and when do they shop? Be aware of your customers “personal space” and try to send emails and other content when it’s most appropriate for them.

Customers should be addressed by name via emails, social media and other points of contact where possible. Make promotions seem more like a personal invitation to stand out and grab the attention of customers.

Segmented Notices
Further segmenting the already defined mobile customers allows for even more effective targeting. For instance, a clothing retailer could create two mobile promotions to target men and women separately with more personalized and relevant content.

Track any Changes
The only way to know what content works and what doesn’t is to test and track the content. A/B testing and other methods can be used to compare content and determine what resonates with the target audience.

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