How to Create a Facebook Cover Photo for your Personal or Business Page

We have selected Pixlr to create a Facebook cover photo. This is a free online editing website for a MAC or PC. This blog post will take you step by step through cropping an image for the Facebook Cover Photo, then add text to the image, and finally change the opacity of the image to make the text pop.  You can take your image to the next level or stop when you are satisfied with what you have.  Please leave a comment if you found this useful or if you have any questions.

1- Go to

2-Choose Pixlr Editor in the top navigation

3- Choose: Open image from Computer

4-Select an image you want to work with *Remember the square profile image that is placed above the Facebook cover photo is low and to the left of the image.  You do not want anything important in this space.

5- Image will appear in the editing window

6-Choose the crop tool – Top left corner- choose Constraint: Output size from the drop down list

7- Change width: 851 and Height: 315

8-Using the Crop tool, select within the image what you would like your Facebook cover to look like, then hit enter

9- The image will shrink dramatically, hit the letter Z on the computer and then click on the image and you should be able to make the image appear larger with every click

10- If you don’t like what you selected – Select Edit (In the top navigation)– Undo or (Ctrl+Z) for a PC

11- You can stop here and save the file by going to the top navigation and click on File – Save.  The image below will appear and you can rename the file, choose the format (jpeg is a safe choice) and change the quality to 100 and then click ok. Another window will pop-up and you can choose where to save the file (on the desktop or choose a folder).

12- If you want to add text to an image and give it a more personal touch.  Choose an image with white space or space that not much is going on.  Select the A Tool (Type Tool, you can hit T on the keyboard).

 13- Click on the image and a text box will appear for you to write on the image.  A blue box will form around the text and you can click on this box to move throughout the picture.  If you want to reselect the text box you have to make sure you have the A Tool selected first. Change font, color, and size of the image within this box as well.

14- To change effects of the type layer select button highlighted below.  You can change Drop shadow, Inner Shadow, Bevel, and Outer/Inner Glow. (*Thicker Fonts will give you different results)

15- Lastly to change opacity in the image to give the text some pop.  Go over to the Layers box and click on the background

16- Duplicate the Background layer, by dragging it to the New Layer box located at the bottom of the Layers box to the left of the trash can in the Layers Box. Once you did this a new layer should appear that says Background Copy (as shown below).

 17- As well click on this icon to make a completely new layer. It will appear in the Layers Box above the background copy layer and the background layer.

 18- This new layer needs to be filled with white in order to create a lighter looking image.  The New Layer should be highlighted in blue and then select the Paint bucket and make sure the color is white and then click on image.  *The picture should go white.

19- The white layer you just created needs to move in-between the background copy layer and the background layer.  In the Layers Box drag that layer in-between the two background layers. *The image should reappear now.

 20- Now select the Background copy image and drag opacity down to your liking. You may also adjust the mode for some fun looks.  *You can always change the image back to 100 opacity or Normal Mode.

21- Once you have it to your liking go to step 11 to save the image.

You did it way to go! For other great tools see what workshops we offer.  

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