Don't Avoid Video in Content Marketing, Embrace It!

Over 88% of companies are using social networks as of 2013, most popular being Facebook and Twitter.  As to not exhaust these two networks, it is important for your brand to find a new medium that helps you to stand out amongst your competitors.  Video may be just the solution that your brand needs.

 According to eMarketer, digital video viewers have grown to about 178 million in the past year and are projected to grow 5% by the year 2014.  This is about 73% of the U.S. population.  This being said, utilizing video as part of your content marketing strategy is a large opportunity, one any size company should be taking advantage of.  You don’t need a Hollywood spokesperson, producer or budget to be successful at producing video content; here are some tips to get started:

7 Tips for Video Marketing

  • When producing the video, speak directly to your viewers.  Viewers are exhausted by promotional ads, so talking passionately about your business will resonate with viewers in multiple ways.
  • Make sure there is a call to action at the end of every video.
  • The ideal length for a video is under 4 minutes.
  • Produce diverse content.
  • Optimize for search engines, by filling out any descriptive fields about your video. Use keywords that relate to your industry.
  • Link your video to other social media platforms you are using.
  • Set and measure marketing goals related to each video.

Through video marketing, you are able to communicate large amounts of information quickly and clearly.  It engages your audience in a way that is visually appealing and entertaining.  As a brand you should not be avoiding video in content marketing, but embracing it.

Be Social. Be Stellar.  Contact Stellar Blue today to find out how you can implement video marketing into your content marketing strategy!

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