Kickstarter – The Future of Fundraising for Projects?

Raising money for projects and businesses use to be complicated and required knowing the right people in order to raise funds. But 4 years ago, the creation of Kickstarter completely changed the way people raise money.  Small Businesses that have creative ideas for products or projects now have a great source for making those dreams a reality.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter began with a simple goal; help fund small projects for people with cool ideas with the help of the community. Anyone is able to post a project, product, or business idea that they want raise money for. They then post how much they are looking to raise, and how much time they need to raise enough money for that goal. Once the user has posted their project, anyone that feels the need to help out can donate money. Those who donate are called “backers.”  To help increase donations, incentives are created for those who donate. Popular examples of incentives for donating X amount of dollars, include behind the scenes details, phone conversations with the head of the project, or an advanced copy of the product once it’s finished.

Since the creation of Kickstarter, more than 40,000 projects have been funded, with over 588 million in donations from users. It’s safe to say that Kickstarter is off to a great start!

What types of projects are popular on Kickstarter?      

Small Business Ideas

  • Many Small Businesses in need of funding are able to pitch their ideas to the masses
  • These ideas can range from actual products, to start up cash for a company itself.


  • Local bands are able to raise money in order to produce records
  • Backers get their names in the album, as well as back-stage treatment


  • Many Up and coming artists are being able to showcase their talent
  • Backers receive paintings from the artist in exchange for cash


  • Independent film companies are able to pitch their movie ideas to the masses
  • Backers get rewarded with their name in the credits, as well as meeting the cast etc.


  • Independent Gaming Companies are getting help producing games they normally would not be able to
  • Backers get the game ahead of the market, as well as credits inside the game

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