Keep Your Friends Close and Your Facebook Closer!

It’s starting to seem as if Facebook is launching a new product or feature every month! Last month, we talked about Facebook’s new and improved News Feed that was being launched in our blog post Good Bye Clutter;  Hello Beautiful Stories! On Thursday, Facebook announced their newest software, Facebook Home. Facebook Home is described as a super app for your phone! It essentially takes your News Feed and put it’s on your phone’s interface, allowing you to find out what’s going on with your friends without even logging onto Facebook! Let’s take a look at the two key features of Facebook Home!

Cover Feed

The whole basis of Facebook Home according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, was “putting people first instead of Apps.” When you access Facebook Home, the overlay of your phone becomes the “cover feed” Instead of generic background pictures of nature; you’ll now be able to see visual updates of what is going on in the lives of your friends! You’ll be able to browse through different updates, and even comment or like updates while using Facebook Home! Think of it as an interactive screen saver that incorporates your Facebook friends! You’ll also be able to browse updates from Instagram, as well as get notifications on phone calls!

Facebook Home

Facebook Home Cover Feed

Facebook Chat Heads

Facebook is arguing that one of the biggest issues is being able to use your phone while texting or instant messaging. With their new “Facebook Chat Heads” feature, you are now able to talk and interact while using other programs without going to the Facebook Messenger. So if I’m playing one of my favorite phone games, and someone messages me, a little chat bubble will appear, along with a small picture of who is messaging me. All I have to do is click on the bubble, send the message, and I can go back to my game, without any annoying log-ins!

Facebook Home is set to launch  as a free download on April 12th for Android.  It will also be featured in HTC’s new phone “HTC New”.

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