Is Your Business Ready for Mobile Users?

It’s no surprise why accessing the internet via a smartphone is on the rise: people value convenience and time. Roughly half of smartphone users access the internet with their phones, meaning that potentially half of your customers could be accessing your website with a mobile device. To reach your mobile audience, you need to make sure that your business has the right set up in order to do so.

With these helpful tips, you can capture those mobile users and turn them into loyal customers.

Improve Your Website for Mobile Users

Mobile users often seek quick solutions to their problems, but are they able to find what they are looking for on your website? Responsive design, mobile websites and other design elements should be considered to optimize your website. These options allow you to tailor your website to make it accessible to your mobile users without alienating your current users.

Make your business search friendly

Your mobile customers may not be using just your website, but most likely a mix of apps, search engines, and other tools to find your business. Registering your business on as many local listings, websites, apps, and other searches greatly increases your ability to reach mobile users.

As well as making your website externally searchable, keep in mind that Google is keeping an eye on websites that are mobile friendly and are conducive to mobile search. Implementing a new website with responsive design can help make your website more accessible to a variety of users, influencing your overall SEO. Google recognizes when a website has a responsive design, so it will rank those responsive websites higher in searches because of their ability to reach both desktop and mobile users. To get a better understanding of the advantages of responsive design for your business, come see how Stellar Blue can help here!    

Update your local listings

After making your business search friendly, content and the local listings themselves need to be updated on a regular basis. Each search avenue offers another chance to create yet another customer who may have never seen your business before. Updating content is also important to keep all of your customers well informed. If they can’t find what they are looking for the first time, they may not give you a second chance!

To learn more about how to better use your smartphone to streamline your business, attend our smartphone workshop on April 17th to learn more! 

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