How to use Rafflecopter for the Stellar Keyword Contest!

With our Stellar Keyword Contest launching today, we wanted to make it easy for everyone to understand how to enter our contest! Here are a few simple steps in using Rafflecopter!

Step 1. Locate your keyword

As we mentioned before, this contest revolves around finding keywords in our blogs, newsletter, social media sites, and workshops and using them to earn points. Keywords on our website will always be in Orange. Keywords on our social media sites will pointed out in each post. Our keyword for this step-by-step is Practice. This keyword will be worth 2 points!

Step 2. Access Rafflecopter Widget and Like us on Facebook

Now that you have your keyword, you’ll want to enter that keyword into our Rafflecopter Facebook Widget! You’ll want to locate the widget on our Facebook Page. As soon as you enter the page, you’ll see the Widget App next to our photos and events tab. Click on the tab that says Giveaway. If you haven’t liked our page, it will ask you to like our page in order to see the widget.

Step 3. Enter Keyword into Rafflecopter Widget

Once you have verified that you have liked our page in the Rafflecopter Widget, you will have access to all of the Keywords for the week. You’ll see one of the first options on the Widget is our How to Use Rafflecopter Keyword. Click the +1 to open up the option. It will look like this once you have opened it.

You’ll type in Practice into the text box and then click enter! Just like that you’ve already earned 2 points for Stellar Keyword Contest! Throughout the week you’ll have more opportunities to use this widget to enter in more keywords for points. Be sure to not fill out these other options until you have the keyword, as you’ll only have one entry per keyword, so use them wisely!

The more active you are, the more likely you are to win that Kindle Fire HD! So have fun, and stay connected to our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in order to maximize your points! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the official Contest Blog Post!

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