Calculate Your Mobile ROI with the Help of Google

Google is known for their large assortment of solutions to help businesses succeed in the increasingly competitive online world. Although they offer many options to help business perform well, how do you know if you are actually making money on what you are spending? With Google’s new Full Value of Mobile Calculator, it’s now possible to measure the ROI on your mobile advertisement spending.

With the help of this new tool, marketers can now track sales leads in the form of the following:

  • Phone orders driven from mobile advertisements
  • Certain mobile application metrics
  • Mobile website visits
  • In-store sales driven by mobile
  • Purchases made from using multiple devices

How does it work?

Businesses can upload information from Google AdWords as well as their mobile websites to track their performance. This new tool by Google doesn’t look at just your mobile website, but rather all aspects of mobile and how it impacts your sales. Although this is meant primarily for e-commerce oriented businesses, others may be able to use the Full Value of Mobile Calculator to track app downloads and other useful mobile metrics.

Why should I use it?

Whenever your business launches an advertising campaign, you should be tracking it. Advertisement keywords, messages, offerings, etc. can all be evaluated to measure the success of each advertisement. This allows you to change the messages to better resonate with your target audience. Messages that fit your target audience more appropriately translates into a much more effective use of your advertising budget with subsequent higher returns. The bottom line – you get more for what you pay for.

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