April Fools or Smart Marketing?

April Fools day has become more than just a day where you pull pranks on your friends! Marketers are now tapping into this silly day and using it to leverage their brands!  Companies are finding that sometimes, poking fun at yourself is the best way to gain some awareness. Here are some brands that did an excellent job using April Fools day as a great way attracting the attention of consumers through the use of social media and marketing!

Proctor and Gamble – Scope Bacon Mouthwash

Who doesn’t like Bacon? That’s the question that Scope is putting to the test with their “announcement” of their latest product, Bacon Mouthwash. Not only have they announced the new product, but they have taken to social media to spread awareness of the latest trend in how consumers will use bacon. Their Facebook page is filled with posts talking about the Bacon Mouthwash, and even their Cover Photo is bacon! They have also put together a very successful YouTube Campaign that already has over 500,000 views!

Twitter – Twttr

Imagine using Twitter with only consonants? Well that is what Twitter had planned on April Fools Day! On Monday they introduced how they were splitting Twitter into two services Twitter, and Twttr. Twttr would be everything the current Twitter is, but with no vowels. If you couldn’t handle posting in Twitter with nothing but consonants, then you could fork over $5 a month to have access to your vowels! The social media giant did an excellent job of poking fun at itself, as well as getting free viral marketing as blogs and news sites all across the internet were talking about the latest change to the social media giant!

YouTube – World’s Best Video Contest

YouTube might have stole the show with their April Fools Day joke. On Monday, they announced that after eight years of videos being uploaded to their site, they were finally ready to enter the next phase of their plan: YouTube was one big video contest to find the best video on the internet. They revealed that they had put together a panel filled with some of the best film critics in the industry, and were working on going through each video to decide which entry would win. They also announced that they would be shutting down YouTube and bringing it back in 10 years once the winner had been determined. They were able to incorporate a lot of YouTube celebrities into the project, and their video has already gone viral. Their announcement video already has over 3 million views after not even a full day of it being posted!

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