Anyone Can Tell a Story, But How Well Can You Tell It?

For centuries, story-telling has been a source of entertainment and education, instilling emotion into our audiences.  Today, that same sense of story-telling is used by brands to connect to their consumers, this method is often referred to as content marketing.

With the beginning of 2013, more and more companies have allocated a significant amount of their budget for content marketing, in fact 88% of all brands use content marketing.  Most companies see content marketing as a low cost marketing method, with a significantly high success rate.  The problem is not every company is familiar with content marketing, and thus they do not know how to utilize it effectively.

Content marketing is a way for brands to engage their audiences on a more personal level, it is communication without sales.  This allows brands to determine what they should be doing to better serve their customers.  According to Marketing Expert, Edwin Dearborn, “companies who are effective story-tellers will dominate content marketing as a strategy.”  Dearborn also gives two questions companies should establish answers to through their content marketing:

  • What story would you like to tell so that people understand and appreciate what you do?
  • What content (the story) and media (blogs, YouTube, etc.), would best convey that story to the people you want to reach?

It is important to treat each individual consumer as they are the main character of the story.  They are the person you are in business to help.  When the consumer realizes how you are going to solve their problem, they will then be ready to browse through your products and services.  This video from Content Marketing World shows exactly what the power of storytelling is for brands.

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