15 Things You Can Do With A Kindle Fire HD

“The Kindle Fire HD 7” is an amazing internet-enabled device and there are so many things to do with it. At Stellar Blue we are giving away a new Kindle Fire Hd 7” 16 GB (contest started yesterday, you definitely have a chance to win it).  Click here for details.


Below is a list of apps and things we found you can do with the Kindle Fire Hd:

1) Download e-books (price varies)

At Stellar Blue we are constantly downloading e-books.  Some great e-books staff picks are Free The Future of a Radical Price by Chris AndersonLovemarks by Kevin Roberts, and How to Sell Products and Services with Mobile Apps in 2013 for Local Businesses.

2) Get the free app of the day (free)

This is a game app or another app that amazon sponsors and gives away, they are fun to try out as they can always be deleted, and the best part they are free.

3) Get a free trial for a magazine (free)

Try out a magazine for 30-days and see how easy it is to read and flip through it on the Kindle Fire HD.

4) Check out the Kindle Daily Deal (free)

This is an awesome feature; you can purchase e-books at a fraction of the price.

5) Social Media Apps (free)

Download Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Browse, post images, and updates right from the Kindle Fire.

6) Go retro and play Atari games ($1.99)

Remember Atari.  This app lets you play these timeless games.

7) Find the Free WiFi spots (free)

This app allows you to find the closest free Wi­-Fi spots as well as the paid ones.

8) Use as a Tiny Flash Light (free)

Light up the room, including flashing police lights. Something fun to try at a party, with the kids, or in the dark it is sure to cause a craze!

9) Read Blogs (free)

Read Stellar Blue’s Blog on the Kindle Fire along with thousands more and some great places to view different blogs are on Tumblr.com and Technorati.com.

10) Scan a document (free)

Don’t have to leave home to scan a document, with the Kindle Fire Hd you can photograph a document and send a pdf version through e-mail to yourself and others.

11)  Drawing pad ($1.99)

This is a great app for all ages.  From fun stamp tools to crayons and paint brushes, this is a great tool to draw with for the Kindle, and then store the masterpieces you created or send through email.

12) Everything in one place (free)

Imagine all your social network feeds, plus updates from the blogs you read, plus professional editorial content, all turned into a stylish virtual magazine. That’s Flipboard. It’s highly customizable in terms of content, but also amazingly well designed and laid out.

13) Read whenever, wherever (free)

The Pocket app lets you add Web pages to your reading list, making them available offline to read whenever, even when you don’t have a Wi-Fi signal. The app lets you tag pages, and saves your scrolling position as a bookmark, which you can pick up from any other device such as your mobile phone with the same app installed.

14) Manage tasks (free)

The Producteev app allows you to manage your tasks.  Your account can be opened from the Kindle Fire, mobile devices, and laptop computers. Access your to-dos from anywhere.

15) StumbleUpon (free)

Put your favorite things into the settings of this app and it searches the web for matches.  You can see a lot of the neat things people are posting all over the world.

These are just a few of the things you can do with the Kindle Fire HD. The keyword for this blog post is Kindle. Here are two other websites for more information:

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