Are you focused on the ZMOT?

Are you focused on the ZMOT?

If people search for your product and your website don’t answer that search, who do you think will answer?  Your competitor; if your business doesn’t show up online.  This is exactly what Google is talking about since they introduced Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT).  How well is your business being represented online?  This can come in many ways:

  • Reviews (word of mouth on-line and 5 star ratings)
  • Your online website and mobile website (are you having a conversation with your audience)
  • Social media (do you have social media accounts that you are using regularly)
  • Business directory tools such as Yelp (can your business be found on these local search tools)

We as a whole are trusting five star reviews and real time word of mouth on-line.  We want to see the ratings, reviews, testimonials before we purchase and if this product is on the front of our purchase objective and meets the search criteria, SOLD.  It truly is a moment of truth, and if your company isn’t looking to see where they stand at these moments, they are missing out.

The conversation is already going on; people are talking about your product or products like yours online as we speak. You may choose to not engage, but better to welcome the conversation and take part in it.

No one is asking you to be perfect.
  ZMOT is about being realistic.  Consumers just want the truth.

  • Worldwide average for product reviews is 4.3 out of 5.0.
  • Mostly, people like to talk about products they love.
  • Negative comments add authenticity… people see them and they know they are shopping in a truthful environment.
  • Learn something from the comments that could influence a business decision for the best

Ask yourself your recent purchase decision steps; ask co-workers, friends, and family. As we speak they are making decisions based on reviews, likes, and a five star rating. Is your company searchable, let Stellar Blue help you become searchable. Let us help you create a mobile presence.

The 7 ways to make ZMOT work for your business:

  1. Put someone in charge
  2. Find your companies moment of truth
  3. Answer the questions people are asking
  4. Optimize for ZMOT (Stellar Blue can help your company with SEO)
  5. Be fast
  6. Don’t forget video
  7. Jump in

To learn more about ZMOT, go to the downloadable PDF by Google.





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