Twitter's Vine Changing the Way Companies Market!

Did you know the average attention span of someone viewing information on the internet is 8 seconds? As a marketer, what are you doing to capture the user’s eye in those 8 seconds? Ever since Twitter purchased Vine in late 2012, the mobile app has become a huge sensation amongst internet marketers who are looking to grab the consumer’s attention in that short period of time. Companies are finding new ways to market themselves so that they stick out to the consumer. But what makes the app so popular, and should you be using the app to reach out to new markets? We’ll discuss just how Vine works, and some great ideas to help your company release the full potential of the Vine app!

What is Vine?

Vine is an App that is currently available to download on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app allows you to record up to a six second video that loops after you the video is done playing. You can then take these videos and post them to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for sharing. These videos can also include sound. These six second videos fit right into the strategy that Twitter uses with their limited posts of 140 character messages.  Now that you know how Vine works, here are just a few ideas on how companies and individuals can use Vine to get the attention of an audience!

Company Event Sneak Peaks

Is your company putting together an event that is in need of promotion?  Vine is a perfect tool to get awareness of the event, and the length makes it easy for your users to find out about it, without a huge time commitment from them. You can shoot four to five of these 6 second videos and release one every few days to garner interest for the event. It’s also a great tool for creating videos while the event is going on! Just upload the video to your Twitter or Facebook account when the event is live, and those who were unable to make it can get an idea on how the event is going!

Twitter Ask Me Anything

Recently, Hubspot put together a great opportunity for their customers to interact with the company. Hubspot asked their users to submit any questions they had about inbound marketing to their Twitter , and the Hubspot CMO would answer selected questions using the Vine video app in six seconds or less. This was a great use of the technology, and it was a great interactive way of keeping that conversation going with customers.  This can easily be duplicated with any company that has a Twitter account.


If you’re looking for a job opportunity, Vine is definitely an opportunity to catch the eye of an employer. That’s exactly what job seeker Dawn Siff did, which led her to getting the attention of the social media news outlet Mashable! So much so, that they wrote an article about the potential of Vine resumes and featured Dawn’s own vine resume in the article. The article itself got over 1500 shares, and any employers that stumbled upon the article had access to Siff’s Twitter account for contact.  Many employers get a lot of resumes, which means they don’t have a lot of time to read the entirety of them all. A quick 6 second video shouldn’t be the only substance that you have, but it’s a great way to grab an employer’s attention!

Twitter and Vine are just some of the many resources that companies can use to grab the attention of consumers. To find out more ways to reach out to your target market, make sure to attend one of Stellar Blue’s Upcoming workshops!

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