Pinterest Launches Analytics – Finally!

Internet marketers rejoice! The day has finally come when you can track analytics for your Pinterest business account! Pinterest recently announced that they were launching their own analytics for business accounts that lets users track all kinds of data in regards to their pins. This new analytical tool opens up the door for companies to really find out what works in regards to bringing traffic from their Pinterest account, to their actual website! To access this new tool, you’ll need to have your website verified, and you’ll also have to switch over to the “Pinterest New Look”.  Let’s take a look at some of the key features!

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics

Site Metrics

The “Site Metrics” tab of the analytics allows users to track the general numbers behind your Pinterest Account. Here you’ll be able to track: pins, repins, traffic, and who is seeing your pins on the Pinterest main feed. You can adjust the timestamps so that you can get different data for different times of the year. This is general information about your Pinterest Account and it’s a great way to get a bird’s eye view of how well your Pinterest page is directing users to your actual website.

Most Recent

The “Most Recent” tab allows you to find out what has been pinned directly from your website.  A pretty basic tab, you will want to use this to gauge new content that is posted on your website. For example, say you are a resort hotel, and you just put a new batch of photos on your website, and you want to see which photos are getting more attention than others. This tab would allow you to see which photos are getting the most pins, which can tell you what type of pictures users find the most interesting!

Most Repinned

The “Most Repinned” tab allows you to see what pins are getting the most repins within a given timeframe on your Pinterest Page. This tab works very similar to that of the most recent, except it tracks repins from your Pinterest page, instead of normal pins that come off your website.  Another great tool to find out if certain boards on your Pinterest page are getting more attention than others!

Most Clicked

The “Most Clicked” tab allows you to see which pins are generating the most clicks. When someone clicks on a pin, they are taken to your website. This is a very important tab to business users. The goal of Pinterest for your website should be to attract attention to your website, and generate a sale. Use this tab to find out what kinds of pictures and pins are really making the user want to go to your website. If you find a trend or pattern in clicks, be sure to adjust your Pinterest strategy.

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