Stellar Blue Gets Involved at Mid-Day Women's Alliance

On March 20, 2013, Stellar Blue had the opportunity to set up a booth at the Mid-Day Women’s Alliance Conference held at the Radisson Inn of Appleton, Wisconsin. Marketing Director Amanda, who has been a member for the past year, as well as team member Liz participated in the event!

The highlights of the day were definitely talking with other professionals, seeing the different booths set up, the great lunch provided, and the guest speaker’s presentation. Businesses with booths were able to represent themselves in various ways.

  • Handouts with detailed information about their products or services
  • Sign-up sheets
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Different goodies from cookies to chocolates
  • Upcoming event posters
  • Drawings
  • Oh yeah… and business cards upon business cards

These tools were great ways to help members and non-members become aware of the various products and services available within the organization. Besides these networking events,  as a member you can sign up to be involved in the mentoring program, help with the charitable events they put on, and grow yourself professionally with the new Toastmasters Chapter that they have become a part of.

Mid-Day Women’s Alliance conference is a well-established organization and a wonderful opportunity for women to network with other women.  Liz, who was a first-time participant, learned what a great resource this organization is for women in a business atmosphere and was very excited that she could be a part of it.

If you have any questions about the opportunities that this organization can have for yourself of your business, please contact Mid-Day Women’s Alliance.

Women Networking
Women networking as the conference went on.

Signup sheet
A guest of the Mid-Day Women’s Alliance signing up to be part of a members e-mail list.

Stellar Blue Booth
Stellar Blue’s booth with promotional cards and the new banners from Appleton Sign.

Networking in Appleton
Amanda networking with Jeanne Loehnis, the owner of Song for Your Spirit.

Littlest Tumor Foundation Booth
The Littlest Tumor Foundation had a booth full of information and how to get involved.

Littlest Tumor Foundation Poster
The Littlest Tumor Foundation had a poster for an up an coming event.

Guest Speaker of event
The guest speaker, Darcy Luoma, engaged the audience as she spoke about her experiences and the benefits of a life coach.

Toastmaster Program
Co-President, Dawn Shaha, of Mid-Day Women’s Alliance held up the newsletter from the Toastmasters Program.


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