Don’t Forget About Your Google +1s!

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have been the primary social media platforms for businesses to connect with their customers and to attract new customers. Although Google+ has seemed to fall behind the “power three,” Google has incorporated its social media platform into its search algorithm, boosting the power that Google+ has on search engine optimization (SEO).

What does this mean?

Activities such as +1s, shares, and general interactions on Google+ all work together to influence the overall ranking of a company’s website on a Google search. The more that a company interacts on Google+, the better their overall SEO will be with Google search results.

What to do

Adding +1 buttons to your website and blog is an easy way to not only increase the overall reach of your content, but to also increase the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. Although your +1 buttons may not get as much attention as your Facebook buttons, they will contribute proportionally more to SEO and Google searches. Along with getting +1s for your posts, keeping your company page updated with relevant keywords will also help your SEO as well as making your content easier to find and share.

Sharing content is also important in getting more +1s and content reach, but in order to do so, you need a fan base that will interact with your company and join the conversation. To create a larger fan base, you first need to:

  • Share content that your target audience is interested in
  • +1 the content that your fans are sharing
  • Comment on your fan’s posts and create a conversation
  • Post content from external sources as well as your own

After creating your fan base, other Google+ features such as Google+ hangouts can then be incorporated to further engage your fan base creating more +1s, shares, and interactions leading to better SEO. Don’t forget about Google+ and make sure that you are using your +1 buttons!

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