Goodbye Clutter; Hello Bright Beautiful Stories

A “spring cleaning” is coming to Facebook, is what they are calling it.  With less clutter, they want the user to see rich previews of stories, they want the “stories to feel redesigned,” but for the user to love the new look that they “don’t think it has changed, but only gotten better.”

Are you wondering what this will look like for businesses? The two biggest changes coming to the Facebook update are the news feed and a seamless look between mobile, tablets, and web devices (is your website mobile? – click here).

Pictures and Video within the News feed

Facebook wants to engage users by allowing friends to share their beautiful stories by incorporating larger imagery; bigger imagery they say is “more beautiful.”  Businesses that can create unique imagery and video may be at a great advantage on Facebook. Currently 50 percent of the content created on Facebook is visual and this is the direction Facebook is moving.

Different News Feed Views

The news feed view is the not so great advantage to businesses that is to come with the update.  Users will be able to choose what they are viewing in their news feed.  With a quick click on the different groups within the news feed you can access different feeds.  The 5 top listed feeds include:

  • Most Recent  – everything in the order it happened (includes business pages)
  • All Friends –  just the latest updates from just your friends
  • Photos –  nothing but photos from your friends and pages (includes business pages)
  • Music – what your friends are listening to as well as current concerts that are coming up
  • Following – latest news from pages and people you follow (includes business pages)

As users click between the feeds they will access a more personalized news feed.  Facebook want to give the user more control while incorporating less clutter.  Our job as a business is to focus on less clutter, if this is what the user wants; we need to place good content with unique imagery in our advertisements and on our pages.

Mobile, tablets, and Web devices

The seamless look across all devices will be available in weeks to follow the release of the Facebook update for the web.  Visual icons to move you throughout Facebook seem to be present with the update for all devices.  This can be an advantage for businesses as well.  Users will find an easier to transition as they are able to do the same things across different devices (small learning curve).

When to launch?

They are currently testing the update and will release soon, if you would like to get the new homepage for the web you can join there wait list here, then just scroll to the bottom of the page.

Curious to learn more about Facebook? Check out upcoming hands-on Facebook workshops – click here!

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