How Mobile Apps are Helping Business

Sometimes it is easy to take for granted all the technology we have at our fingertips–and by fingertips, we are talking about mobile apps. Last year alone mobile business apps were worth $25 million and are expected double that number by 2017!

Because we live in a culture that is constantly changing and evolving with new technological advances, it is vital for businesses and organizations to keep up with their consumers. The Stellar Blue Crew has come up with some examples of how business-oriented apps could help take your organization or company to the next level.

Geo Targeted Push Notifications: This basically means that wherever you go, the app knows. Geo-Targeted apps are a way for an app to send information to your phone by using geographic location.

For example: Almost all smartphone’s come with weather apps on them. With Geo-Targeted Push Notifications, your weather app will be able to track where you are and notify you (via pop-up or alert) and tell you what the weather is like where you are at that given time. The notification will send you a message, and when you touch it, it will direct you back to the app for more information.

•You are able to be everywhere: Because many business owners complain about customers “bouncing–when customers window shop at a brick-and-mortar-store, and then go online and make their purchases. Businesses are adding mobile application as another way to reach their customers. Because we are becoming entering into generation M (mobile), we are looking for things that we can use on the go, and that are convenient.

For example: Think about how many people have a morning and evening commute, or next time look around at the doctors office see how many people are on their smartphone. A lot of people in these everyday situations are searching, sharing, purchasing, and browsing on their smartphones during these times.  So as a business you want to be available during those times, and the best way is through mobile.  Your business or organization wants to be easy to access, and give your customers and users the easiest way to find, search, or share your products and information at any time, or any place.

Different types of businesses require different needs. So before you decide if you need a mobile application for your business, discuss with a professional mobile application developer if this would fit into your business’s needs.

Here at Stellar Blue, we are custom mobile application developer, our in-house mobile development team will work with you to design, develop and publish the app for your company. To find out more how we can help develop your businesses application click here!



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