Optimizing WordPress Blog to Expand Your Brand

WordPress is not only becoming one of the top websites for blogging, but it is one of the most popular open source Content Managing Systems (CMS) out there today.  Thousands of businesses are finding new ways to reach customers through the ever growing opportunities to produce content that WordPress provides. Whether you’re a small business looking to reach new customers or a big corporation with years of experience, WordPress is a great tool to help turn leads into long-term customers. Here are just a few tips to help you get on the path of making your WordPress site optimized to expand your brand and reach.

1. Authoritative Content and Strong Keywords

Internet marketing is changing. Content Marketing is becoming more and more important in reaching new customers (check out upcoming workshops on content marketing).  Good content also helps create good search engine optimization (SEO).  Google ranks pages based on how “fresh” or up-to-date the content is. By creating content that is constantly “fresh,” your opportunity to bring in new leads increases. Also, Google favors sites that time and time again express how and why they are an authority on a subject. Having a blog will help you achieve just that!

You want to have strong keywords that reflect on what your business does, as well as keywords that potential customers would be using to search.  There is also a “Tag” section in every post that allows you to tag topics that match up with each post. These are very important as they allow search engines to connect those tagged words to the search itself.

2. Creative Titles

Your title is one of the first things a user will see when using a search engine to find information. You want a title that makes the reader want to click on the link when they are searching for information on a search engine. If your title is similar to others, users will simply skip over your link, and look for something else. When you’re creating a title, ask yourself, would it be something that you would click on if you were looking through search results on the subject. Also keep in mind, it’s one of the first things that Google will index about your post – so make sure you use some keywords!

3. Images are Important!

People love pictures, and so does Google! When making blog posts, try to include at least one picture if you can, and be sure that the file name of the picture has meaning!  Google does factor in the descriptions when using their algorithm, so anytime you can include one, do it! Alt Tags matter as well, as these are also used by Google when determining rank, so be sure to label your images with Alt Tags. Also adding pictures in a blog allows you to easily Pin the post to your Pinterest account!

4.  WordPress Plug-Ins

One of the great features of WordPress are the plug-ins that you can download to add onto your site.  Plug-ins range from SEO focused, to social media sharing. Most of the most innovative plug-ins are completely free, and even the plug-ins that do cost money are very affordable. These plug-ins let you really be creative in how you market your website. SEO plug-ins are a good starting tool. These types of plug-ins will help make your WordPress easier to find, as well as increase your rank on Google. There are many great SEO Plug-Ins, but Stellar Blue recommends using the All-In-One SEO Pack. If you have any questions, please make sure to contact your web provider for assistance.

5. Connect Posts to Social Media

Every blog post should include an opportunity to share the post on the significant social media sites. Reader’s want easy ways to show their friends and colleagues the information they found useful, so don’t make it hard to do!  You also want your blog posts to be promoted on those social network pages as well. Having traffic going between both your social networks and the blog itself is key to increasing reach and brand awareness.

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