Tablets, The Next Big Thing

It’s hard to keep up in the game of technology and business. First desktops, then laptops, then smartphones, and now the next game changer, tablets.  With all these different devices, sometimes it can be difficult and confusing to keep up with the many ways to get your business seen and out there on all these different gadgets.

But, it is essential that businesses and brands capitalize and create more traffic with tablets or they risk getting lost with the outdated technology. So why should your business optimize it’s site for tablet use?  Because that’s where people are spending the most time.

The numbers say it all

In 2011, data conducted by Neilson found that tablet users spend 54 percent longer on sites than mobile users, and purchase over 20 percent more than desktop visitors. Something else to note, over 70 percent of the time spent on tablets is in front of the TV, and it seems that 60 percent of people are replacing books at the end of the night with tablets, and these numbers are only expected to go up exponentially.

This means people are combining TV usage with online time, which requires businesses and brands to pay attention to how their sites are set up and look on different devices.

Which leads to two very important words: Responsive Design. (Click here to read our Responsive Design 411.)

Understanding that your site needs to be aesthetically pleasing on different devices is key. If your audience has to scroll, or drag the website to fit their screen, chances are you have already lost them.

But don’t just assume that because your site is optimized for a tablet, it can look the same as your Desktop, and mobile site. If there is one-thing businesses need to understand, it’s that tablets have their own formula in catching a viewers attention.  Optimization for tablets is all about entertainment, rich media, and longer content for reading.

Also, think about the accessibility to your site on a tablet.  Just like mobile, certain types of applications are popular on tablets.  A user is more likely to visit your site numerous times if they have an easy and quick way to access it.  Depending on your type of business, apps can play a significant role in your companies online traffic.

Think about it, if your site is the last thing your viewers see at night, don’t you want to make sure your business is creating a lasting impression.

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