Responsive Design and You

Fact: In 2013, people will access the internet more on their mobile devices than on their desktop. As more and more consumers are starting to use their mobile phones more, businesses are looking to find new ways to make their websites more attractive to the mobile audience.  Many of these businesses are turning to Responsive Website Design (RWD). RWD revolves around specific coding that automatically adjusts the view of the website depending on what device you are using to view the site. So someone who uses a iPhone will have a different view of the website than someone who uses a Kindle Fire. What this does, is create an easy viewing experience no matter what device a consumer is using.

When choosing to create a website built with RWD, there are two choices that one can make in regards to their website. They can have their website built from the ground up with responsive design, so that it’s custom built for their site, or they can have the website built with responsive design through the use of a template.

Ground Up, Custom Responsive Design

  • The focus: You have the freedom of a custom design; accomplish the full look and functionality your site needs
  • This option does require additional coding and work but is a quality option
  • No creative constraints that templates have
  • Website is completely unique and not cookie cutter
  • Website sticks out to consumers as opposed to being similar to other sites

Template-Based Responsive Design

  • Templates are cheap
  • Templated options means your look is being forced into something pre-made
  • There are limitations in what you can do in a template
  • Some portions of the website might not look good in a template


While templates might be a good choice for a tight budget, building a website from the ground up with responsive design is the way to go for most websites. In today’s economy marketers are looking to stick out from their competitors. By using RWD from the ground up, you’re taking that first step in separating yourself from your competition.

To find out more about how Stellar Blue uses responsive design in our websites, check out our Responsive Design page, or go through our Portfolio to see our work!

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