Future of Social Media Lead Management

Everyone knows that warm fuzzy feeling you get when your on Facebook and you see the glowing red symbol in the top left of your screen. Or think about when you get a retweet, it might make you feel, “wow, my information must be valuable to others.” We crave for those notifications.

But if you’re a business or organization the feeling is 10-fold. Because you know when you see that light pop-up, or your messaged shared on any social media platform you are starting to engage and establish followers.

But as many of us know, getting people to like, share, retweet, or comment on your businesses different social media channels can be exhausting!

So lets go through some different ways to help increase your social media leads.

•Whether users are searching Facebook, Tweeting, skimming through blogs post, users are looking for something that is funny, or better yet something they can share with their friends. Whatever your businesses style or tone, make sure that your followers are enjoying the messages and content you are putting out there.

•It’s obvious we live in a visual society. Over 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. So your business or organization needs to start thinking about different ways to share pictures, videos, etc. on your businesses different social media platforms. (Have you taken a look at Pinterest? Click here to read another post on Pinterest.)

•Be the hub for educational content.  Users are always looking for fresh, new content that can give them credibility. By posting relevant and notable content, the users will take that information repost, or share. This, in turn, will give your business or organization a further reach.

•Always make sure to monitor your social media platforms.  There is nothing worse than finally getting followers engaging and interacting with your brand, and then your business does not answer or respond.  It’s hard to find time to keep up with every social media platform. So find a social media scheduling tool, or come up with a marketing strategy that involves your social media platforms, having a plan will help you succeed in furthering your businesses engagement and reach.

Just starting a business Facebook and Twitter page does not mean your work stops there. Unfortunately, just because you build it does not mean they will come. This type of lead management needs nurturing and monitoring. Make sure you or your business is ready and open to new ideas and methods of attracting users, because the marketing world is continuously changing.

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