Three Ways to Improve your EdgeRank on Facebook

For every business that has a Facebook Page, one of their main goals should be to be seen by users, and to have a high amount of engagement. One of the best ways to be seen on Facebook is through the news feed. The news feed is a feed that shows status updates of those that Facebook believes the user would be most interested in. When it comes to how businesses get on someone’s news feed, Facebook has established a formula called EdgeRank.

What is EdgeRank and how does it work?

EdgeRank is based on 3 factors:  Weight, Affinity, and Time Decay

Weight – How likely your post will be shared. This is where keywords like Christmas, New Year’s, etc. are going to come into play as well as photos, videos and links. Words and media that make sense at certain times will be more likely to make it on the feed. If you post a picture or a YouTube video, you have more weight than a post with only words.

Affinity – This is based on how often they come to your page and interact. So if they come to your page a lot, or engage with your business page, they are more likely to see your posts on their newsfeed.

Time Decay – The older the post, the less likely the post will make it on someone’s newsfeed.

1. Consistency and Time

You want to establish a schedule of posting. Typically, you’re going to want to post at least once a day. When Facebook sees that you’re consistently making posts and generating some weight, it’s going to help your rank. Posting consistently will also help your affinity. Remember, affinity is based on how often people come to your page, so if users see that you updating your page once a day, they are more likely to come back to check on updates.

2. Add Substance

When you do post something meaningful, try to include a photo, video, etc. These types of media are more appealing to Facebook Users, so Facebook is more likely to include these posts on the news feed. Try to be creative. When posting YouTube links or photos from a website, tiny links are suggested. Tiny links are links that are shortened so they visually look nicer. Stellar Blue suggests using the tiny link creator Bitly, as they are widely used by many sites.

3. Engage with viewers

The more you talk and interact with your viewers, the more likely they will come back, and the more likely they will see your information on their news feed. You’ll also want to make sure that when you do contests that encourage engagement, you make sure that the contest is mobile-friendly. With many users being on mobile devices when they are on Facebook, it’s important that your Facebook be accessible in its entirety on all platforms.

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